We Should Pray For The Coyote

A few days ago while Ilia and Tessa were playing in the living room, Ilia spotted a coyote in our backyard. Although this wasn’t the first time I saw a coyote in our backyard, it certainly was the first time for them. The kids thought it was a wolf at first. They came running to the kitchen saying “Mommy, Daddy there is a wolf in the backyard.” I was like “Wolf??”

The coyote was so scrawny; there was only skin and bones left on it. I was telling them that the coyote must be starving and was out looking for food. I also told them what coyotes eat We also googled what we should do when we see a coyote. Instead of running away, because it’ll think that you are a prey, stare it in it’s eyes and make loud noises. The kids were actually really concerned for the well being of the coyote. Ilia even asked me to give the coyote some food, so that it’ll live. As much as I would like to, we cannot. I’m really glad that the kids have developed a loving heart toward animals, they just need to learn that not all animals can be our friends.


2 thoughts on “We Should Pray For The Coyote

  1. Outstanding! So great that you could see this and share it with your children. Have you read “Prodigal Summer,” by Barbara Kingsolver? Coyotes feature in it, in a big way.

    Love from France!

    • Shula, you are in France? Jealous! How lots of fun ok! You deserve it. No we haven’t read “Prodigal Summer”. Will look it up and see we can get it from the library. Thank you for the recommendation!

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