First Day Of Summer

It was the first day of Summer today, although it didn’t feel like it at all when I dropped Tessa off at school this morning. I actually had my down jacket on! The weather redeemed itself later in the afternoon, the sun was shining bright again.

We went to watch Monsters University in 3D this afternoon. It’s a great movie for families. At first I wasn’t sure if Tessa would be able to sit through the entire movie as it’s 1 hour and 50 minutes long and she’s never been to a movie before! To my surprise, she did and she didn’t need to use the potty once either!

I’m really loving this stage of their life right now. They are still innocent, sweet and they want us to be involved in everything they do. Babies are cute and adorable, but it’s hardwork for very little return especially in the beginning. As they get older, life starting to go back to normal. We can go out without having to worry about finding a place to nurse them. We can go out without lugging a 10 lb diaper bag. We can go to any restaurant without worrying if they can eat the food. I’m really grateful that my kids aren’t picky. They eat just about anything except of course bitter stuff. I always tell them to be grateful that they have food to eat, because many kids in 3rd world countries barely have 1 meal a day.

Before bedtime tonight, Ilia told me that all she needs is a loving family, food (not junk food), water,  and Jesus! Amen.



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