Messy Monday

It was a messy Monday and I was glad that I wasn’t there to witness the mess or else I wouldn’t know what I’d do with myself.

All the kindergartners from Ilia’s school went to Iona Beach yesterday. It was a sunny day and was perfect beach weather except that it was a bit windy.  Iona Beach is different from other beaches, it does have a belt of sand, but there are lots of seagrass and seaweed along the shore.  A bunch of it gets pushed ashore and dries up in a thick layer while the wind blows the stench of the drying seaweed up your nostrils.  Not very pleasant at all.  It was low tide when they were there and it’s super shallow, so with the tide out, all you see is murky land and no ocean in site.  So with the tide out, the class ventured all the way out, and I must say Ilia thoroughly enjoyed herself. She was having so much fun rubbing her bare feet in between the seaweed, she even picked some up and stuffed her crocs full of seaweed to save for some “Seaweed Soup”! Of course the seaweed never made it into the soup that night, but in order to satisfy her seaweed craving, I made some miso soup with kombu for dinner.  On the way home from the beach, Ilia and Tessa stopped by the end of the runway to watch the planes fly overhead.

I asked Tessa how she liked the beach, and guess what she said to me? “It wasn’t very good, it’s yucky. We shouldn’t go there again.” I guess she didn’t enjoy it as much as Ilia did. I’m looking forward to the warm summer weather when we can visit the beach all the time!


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