Family Date

Today probably wasn’t the best day for the beach, but the kids have been begging to go, so we trekked all the way up to Ambleside Park. It was a far drive and we had to cross 3 bridges to get there, but the kids had fun.  Then we stopped by Kintaro on Denman for dinner.

A beach is a fascinating place for kids. I don’t quite understand what the appeal is, but most kids love beaches. It could be the sand, or the ocean or a combination of both. I loved going to the beach when I was a kid as well. Summer was really hot from where I grew up and visiting the beach was a treat. However, I can’t say the same for Vancouver. I always find it too cold here even on hot summer days. I’m definitely a tropical person. I love the sun and heat, and I’m perfectly happy in 28 degree temperature. I always dream of living somewhere in the tropics. One day…

I can’t believe there is only one more week of school left for Ilia. This year has gone by way too fast! Hopefully with the start of summer holidays, we’ll be able to get out more and spend more time together as a family. I love building good memories with the kids, and I think that’s very important in creating a strong bond between them. We had a major trip last year to Australia and another family trip this year to LA and San Diego. The kids still remember all the things they did and they would ask when we could go back again. Hopefully we’ll be able to go on a family trip once a year and keep this family tradition well into their adult life.

What fun things do you do as a family together? What activities are you planning for this Summer? Share in comment please!


3 thoughts on “Family Date

  1. I miss that ramen! humm…(can you save one for uncle martin?) and yet you girls should meet us in New York. It’s HOT here!

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