The Grass Will Grow Back

Do you ever feel that time started to go by faster once you have kids? My oldest daughter Ilia turned six over the weekend, and I wonder where did the six years go? When she was born, she was so tiny that I could hold her in my arm with one hand. Now she’s almost up to my shoulder.

She celebrated with her friends over at our house this year. Since I knew that there would be a few kids, I rented a bouncy castle and they all had lots of fun. The weather was perfect too! It wasn’t scorching hot, it was just right. We prayed for a good weather and God provided. Even though it was fun to plan for a party, I’m glad that it’s over. I was recovering from a back to back cold, and Jeff had a headache. We were exhausted at the end of the day.

I’ve been following some of the big mommy blogs on the net, and I wonder what’s their secret. Many of them have multiple kids, yet it seems to me that they can do it all. A high ranking blog, a design profession and a loving family. I struggle to balance between work, kids and chores!

Yesterday, Jeff told me a story by Tony Campolo that he had heard a while back and it’s definitely a wake up call. Please have a listen here before you read on.  The story’s only 3 minutes long.  (47:16 – 50:16)

I complain about the house being messy all the time and how I wish our home could be like one from a magazine. Everything being orderly and coordinated nicely. It may happen some day, but when that day comes, I’m sure I’ll be missing the messy house, the giggles, the laughter, the quiet moments with my two girls. Dr. Campolo’s story definitely serves as a good reminder that this life passes too fast and that we should cherish every moment.

I love this quote from Stacie Tauscher, “We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”

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2 thoughts on “The Grass Will Grow Back

  1. I also cannot imagine that she will be driving in 10 years! It’s good to start to appreciate the life early and treasure every part of it–even it’s the chore! May be its the dirty clothes reminds you the girls’ laughter, may be its the messy floor reminds you the fun game you played together. Life surely is short, but it’s surely beautiful too! P.S. congrat on your online bouqitue! Wish you goods move like wheels!

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