Slap Cheek

It’s been over a week since I posted last. How has a week gone by so fast? Too many things happened last week, too little time to recollect all.

Two Sundays ago, Ilia got hives all over her body and so I  thought she had an allergic reaction to the clam chowder she had for lunch. Even though they weren’t too itchy or red, I took her to see a Chinese doctor anyways. With Western medicine, they usually just give you an anti-histamine to reduce the symptoms, whereas Chinese medicine helps the body to rid the “toxin” faster. I had my fare share of seafood allergies, so I know that Chinese medicine works way faster and better than western medicine. Ilia has never had any problems with seafood before, but she’s been sick, so her health might not be in balance. If you’ve had Chinese medicine before, you know that it tastes awful. Probably worse than Buckley’s. Ilia was such a trooper, she only cried the first time she had the medicine, the subsequent two times, she finished without a wince. Her hives are gone.

Now today, while I was at work my husband told me that Tessa had a fever. Tessa was coughing last night and she felt hot, so it was no surprise to me. What I found it puzzling was that she had red bumps all over her face and her body, just like what Ilia had! But Tessa hadn’t eaten any seafood in the last few days! It struck me that they both got the 5th disease, aka Slap Cheek disease. The reason they called it Slap Cheek was due to the red cheeks of kids when they have that disease. Ilia did have a fever before her rash broke and her face was red, and a week later Tessa got the same thing! Well, at least now I know it’s not life-threatening!

Guess what! Caelasia came out today! Do you remember the tobacco worms we got a while back? One emerged and I’m sure Bobby will come out tomorrow. She is very dark now. Oh and that’s right, Bobby turned out to be a female moth and Caelasia is a male moth. It was such an awesome experience for the kids to see the metamorphosis!  Here is a picture of Caelasia as a month, the broken shell of his cocoon, and a few pictures of Ilia and Tessa at the park yesterday.


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