Dinosaur Riding On A Four Wheeler

A few years ago, we were given a Power Wheels four wheeler by Jeff’s friend (Thanks Pinky!). Ilia started riding it when she was barely 3. She had really good control of it, she was a natural. After a couple years, the battery wouldn’t hold a charge, and to replace the battery with an original Power Wheels one was quite pricey. Since then it has just been sitting around until yesterday! Tessa’s been wanting to ride the four wheeler for a while so Jeff finally got batteries for it. They are not the same as the original battery, which cost around $80. These ones are much less expensive ($20 each), but needed to be modified to fit the four wheeler. Jeff got them done yesterday and Tessa had her first ride ever. It is good that Jeff is handy, like Ilia says, “Daddy can fix anything!”

Kids love playing dress up and Ilia and Tessa are no different. Tessa donned her green dinosaur costume and went riding on the four wheeler. She looked so cute! After each of them had their turn, they decided to ride together. Where did the time go? It wasn’t that long ago that Ilia was riding on the four wheeler and Tessa was still in diapers, watching from the side.


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