What Does Success Mean To You?

Today I did something that I haven’t done in 9 years! I went to watch a movie in a theater! I watched Iron Man with my co-workers. It was such an awesome movie, if you haven’t watched it yet, you must go! The previews before the actual movie were evil, they made me really want to watch Wolverine and Thor when they come out.

As my husband and I were getting the kids ready for bed, we had this little discussion on being successful. He thinks that we are successful because we have two beautiful kids, a loving family and great friends. On top of that we also have a car, a beautiful and spacious house to live in and good jobs. I couldn’t have agreed more. While many people measure success based on popularity, wealth and accomplishment; these are quantitative measures. What about qualitative measure of success? Everyone has a different vision and goal. For me, I think a person is successful when they have attained their goals. I think it’s also important not to compare yourself with the others; there is always going to be someone better than you, so why torture yourself? Be grateful of what you have and be content. This of course doesn’t mean that we should stop learning or dreaming. I always tell my girls to be grateful that they have food to eat and a place for shelter. Because even these basic necessities are not being met for many people in this world.

Well, thank you for reading my random babble. I’ll leave you with some pictures of the girls I took in the last little while that I haven’t posted yet. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “What Does Success Mean To You?

  1. Usually people are having mid life crisis, they would ask themselves if they are success. And it is ALWAYS true that, no matter what you have accomplished, there is something you want to GET more in order to call yourself successful. But if we step out a bit from the picture we are in, we would be MORE grateful for what we have got. And for the measure of success, I couldn’t agree more. I am so proud of you, being a good mother and a good wife. Btw, why is Tessa so wild? LOL…Love the gals pics! It’s cold and warm and cold here! Please take care!

    • Thank you for the compliment Martin. I think I can be a better mom and wife, still working on it. Did you mean Ilia being wild?
      The weather fluctuates a lot here too. Please take care yourself and my sister.

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