Not a Hump Day When You Have Sun and Hotpot

Hello there, I hope everyone had a great week so far! We are on the road to recovery, still coughing a bit, but much better. Next Monday is a public holiday, so we’ll have a 3 day long weekend, can’t wait!

The sun was finally out today and I was happy to bring the camera and take some pictures of the kids again! Even though they just played in the backyard, they are getting lots of time away from a screen. The strawberries that we planted are starting to come out! Hopefully in a few weeks, we’ll have some nice juicy organic strawberries. Do you know that strawberries are one of the Dirty Dozen? If you don’t know what the Dirty Dozen is when it comes to food, I’ll tell you about it. Basically there are 12 foods that you should avoid unless they are organic due to the amount of residue pesticides in them. Have a read through these two articles for more info:

Ilia’s been asking for hotpot for a while, so today I finally remembered and had the time to go get ingredients for hotpot. Hotpot is easy to prepare, and with a little planning, it should be a fairly stress-free and enjoyable meal for everyone. I bought so much food that I decided to invite my brother-in-law and his wife and one of my close friends over for dinner. It was definitely a very satisfying meal!

On Monday, I read this post about helicopter parenting, and this wasn’t the first time I heard of this term. Paranoid or hyper parenting are alternative terms that are commonly used. I would certainly like to think that I’m not a helicopter parent, but I think that depending on the personality of the children and the situation at hand, sometimes I can be. I don’t know if any kid would like their parents to “hover” over them all the time. If I were a kid, I would definitely not like that. I like to let my kids discover things on their own, and when they fail, I’ll be there to support them and encourage them to try again and again till they succeed. These things of course have to be within the limits of safety.


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