Home Day

Tessa looked horrible this morning. Her eyes were puffy and covered in dried eye gunk and her nose was runny. It’s not a school day. I didn’t want to take another day off as I already took Monday off, but you have to do what’s the best for the kids.

Tessa was playing with Playdough this morning and she cooked eggs and made me a drink, of course all with Playdough. I was sitting there looking at her small frame working away at the playdough and thought to myself ‘this will not last forever’. There will come a day when they would rather be with their friends, and mommy and daddy will no longer be the most important people in their lives. I cherish every moment that I spend with them.

We were outside in the backyard again today. While Tessa was playing with her water table, Ilia stayed with me and one of her favorite aunties cracking open sunflower seeds. She is funny, she said that cracking open sunflower seeds was more fun than playing with the water table!


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