Doors Open Richmond

I haven’t posted in 2 days! We were busy and both Jeff and I were exhausted from late nights working on our project, so it finally hit us. I went to sleep at 9 pm last night, I don’t think I’ve gone to sleep that early since Ilia was born.

Doors Open Richmond

Doors Open Richmond, May 4 – 5, 2013

Today was such a gorgeous day, and tomorrow is supposed to be even better! It was the Richmond and Delta Cultural Heritage Day so there were so many places opened to the public for viewing. We couldn’t miss this opportunity. First stop was the HeliJet company where we got to see 3 different kinds of jets up close. Not only that, we ran into Ilia’s friend from school at the HeliJet place. Ilia was excited to see her and couldn’t have been happier.

Next was the Sea Island Fire Hall. They both had fun spraying water with a hose and climbing all over a fire engine. After lunch, we stopped over at the London Farm down by the dyke. The kids had lots of fun feeding chickens and blowing dandelion puffs. We found a tea room at the farm’s main hall that you can rent. It’d be a perfect place for a quaint bridal shower!

We stopped over at Steve’s Farm for a little while because both Ilia and Tessa wanted to visit their grandparents who were volunteering at the farm. The house on the farm was built in 1917, so it’s almost 100 years old! There were so many antique and vintage artifacts in the house. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a shot of all the cool displays because Mr. and Mrs. Steve are still living in the house. We did get some pictures outside of the house and the girls found some of the prettiest Rhododendrons and wore some in their hair.

The last stop was the Sanduz Estate Wines. We got to go behind the scenes at the factory and saw how blueberry crasins, blueberry puffs, and blueberry wines were made! The machine that is used to make the blueberry puffs is a vacuum microwave, and is one of a kind in North America. The owner worked with the UBC science department to develop and build it.


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