It Just Keeps Getting Better

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Is it Summer already? But it’s only May! The weather was absolutely fabulous today!  I had a playdate planned for Ilia today because I knew it’d be a beautiful day when I checked on Friday. We couldn’t have asked for more. Ilia was so excited that Elizabeth, one of her best friends from school, was coming over; she’d been asking me when they would arrive since her morning skating class. Since the girls were still in their Sunday best (dresses), they had to change into their play clothes. When Ilia was changing, she noticed that the clock said 2:37pm, and said that her friend was 7 minutes late because they were suppose to be here at 2:30pm. That showed how excited she was, she was counting the minutes!

The kids were all over the place, up and down and in and out. Sometimes it’s amazing to see the ideas they come up with for simplest things. Ilia wanted to paint, and I said she could paint outside on the pavement. She gathered paint and paper, but no paint brushes because they were going to do some hand and foot prints! Moments later, they were all covered in paint and they were no longer painting on paper but directly on the pavement. You have to love the Crayola washable paints, they come right off with water, they’re so easy to clean.

The playdate was not just for Ilia, but for the mommies as well! I had such a great time chatting with Elizabeth’s mom and dad. Even though Ilia and Tessa are quite independent, they still like us to play with them all the time. When they have a playdate, they are happy to play with their friends and they’ll usually leave us parents alone. I enjoy playing with them, but sometimes it’s nice to get a break.


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