“A Sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” Marion C. Garertty.

We are blessed with two beautiful daughters, and we are even more blessed with two daughters that are great sisters. I’m grateful that Ilia and Tessa get along really well the majority of the time, after all, that’s what I’ve been praying since Tessa was born. Tessa told me that she has two best friends, and Ilia is one of them. The other one is a girl from Tessa’s school that is like a sister figure to her.

Today was another picnic in the backyard day. We lay out a mat and had dinner on top of the slide play structure. With the warm sun still over our head, and the lush green scenery around us, it was a wonderful time. We were out till the sisters had to come in to get ready for bed. I wish this warm weather will stay till September.


4 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. Angel, I really like reading your blogs as you’re able to make everyday special. If everyone could do the same, I imagine it could increase our happiness quotient significantly. 🙂

    • Hi Auntie Grace, thank you for stopping by. The blog definitely helps me to make an effort to document even the most neglectable things that we take for granted most of the time. I really enjoying writing these little posts.

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