Look Who Are Out

Do you ever feel like it’s Friday when it’s only Monday? We started with a challenging morning when Ilia woke up way too early! She was up at a little past 6. Well, this is the girl who doesn’t usually get up till 7:30 or 8 in the morning, so 6 was very early for her. She was lying wide awake till 7:30 and then she wanted to sleep some more. But she had to get ready for school, so you can imagine the agony. On top of that, both of them had bleeding noses right before school. Yes, both Ilia and Tessa and both on the same side of the nose as well. Anyway, it was one of those mornings…

Ilia went back to the doctor after school to get her ears syringed with water to try to get the wax out. The attempt was unsuccessful again.  More oil for the next week to try to soften it up. The hearing test is postponed indefinitely now until we can get that pesky wax cleared out. The doctor said her ear canal is very narrow, that’s why it’s so hard to get the wax out.

Guess what we did after I got home from work today? We got Caelasia and Bobby out of the soil. We found them all the way at the bottom pots that we put them in. When we took them out, they would twitch when you touched or held them. It’s one of the weirdest thing I’ve seen, it’s actually kind of creepy. I’ve never held a live pupa in my hand before, so I was a little bit apprehensive. I don’t know why I’m not scared of the worms but the pupa just seems a little eerie to hold. It’s so cool to see the pupa. When we showed Tessa her Caelasia, I think she didn’t know want to make of it. She was a bit surprised at how it had changed, but she still wanted to touch it. It’s definitely a learning experience for her.


2 thoughts on “Look Who Are Out

  1. Illa and Tessa, you girls are so brave! Angel, how could I tell you reading your entry is my everyday’s highlight? And the moth will come out from pupa? Oh creepy…

    • Believe me, writing the post is also the highlight of my day too! Funny how we get this fear of tiny creatures that don’t even bite. The pupa is actually really fragile, more so than the worms. I had to pick them up really really gently.

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