What To Do On Rainy Days

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and weekend so far.

As much as I would like to write a post everyday, I find it very hard to do it on Fridays. Maybe because it’s the end of the work week, I am usually burnt out on Friday nights.

So the weather forecast for today and tomorrow was rain, but I was not going to let it stop us from having fun. I get affected by the weather easily and definitely have more energy when it’s sunny out. When it’s rainy, I feel more sluggish. I didn’t want the weather to bring me down, so I decided to take the kids swimming. We went swimming for 2 hours this morning! Well, the kids can’t swim very well yet, so we were just floating around the pool most of the time. Despite that, we still had so much fun! So much so that, Tessa conked out yet again on our way to lunch! The swimming pool we went to had waters slides and a wave pool and Ilia was giggling the whole time when the waves were going. We had good intentions of taking some pictures at the pool, but it’s hard to take pictures while we have to be in the pool watching them, so we couldn’t get any pictures of their smiling faces.

After swimming, Ilia wanted to go for sushi, but since Tessa fell asleep in the car, we stayed home for lunch instead. To make it up to her, we went to have sushi dinner. Ilia actually likes sashimi now and she gobbles it up with wasabi. She ate the only 2 salmon sashimi that came in the bento set, and her reason for not sharing was that she needed to learn how to eat raw fish with wasabi! You know, the more practice, the better! So more raw fish with wasabi, the better she’ll get at eating wasabi. What a witty girl!

I don’t like letting the weather to stop us from having fun, but sometimes it’s inevitable. However, here are a list of 7 family activities for raining days.

  1. Go swimming at an indoor pool! Most kids like water. Since it’s not so great out, this is the best way to spend some family time.
  2. Have a playdate! When the kids have their friends over, it doesn’t matter what they do, they’ll have so much fun playing together and you can get some adult time too!
  3. Go to an indoor play gym! The kids will love climbing everywhere and you won’t feel bad that they are not getting their physical activity!
  4. Play Wii Sports! If your kids are old enough, they’ll enjoy cycling, sword play and canoeing.
  5. Play hide and seek! Every kid loves to play hide and seek. We’ve played hide and seek for over an hour at a time!
  6. Play board games. Ticket to Ride, Spot It, Blokus, Uno, Bohnanza, and Monoploy are all really fun family games.
  7. Watch a Disney movie together. Disney definitely knows how to capture a kid’s heart. Aside from all the princess movies, Finding Nemo, Monsters Inc., Ice Age and The Lion King are definitely worth watching again even if you’ve seen them already.

What do you think? Any other great activities that you do with your kids on rainy days? I’d love to hear!

Now, you might have noticed that I didn’t mention crafts. While crafts are great, they are like your standard activity that they kids do all the time. This blog has a great list of essential art supplies you should have in your craft drawers.


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