If I Could I Would

Tessa must have liked the picnic dinner last night so much so that she wanted to do it again today! After picking me up from work, she asked me if I could stop going to work. I asked her why and she said that she wanted me to stay home so we could have another picnic together. I was so happy that she liked the experience very much, but I was also sad that I couldn’t say yes to her request. The dilemma for being a working mom. I guess we’ll have picnic dinners whenever it’s sunny out.

Madame Madelyn has gone now as well.

It’s just Sir Francis Drake left and he’s looking a bit lonely in the container by himself. In a few days, we’ll dig Caelasia and Bobby up and put them in a cardboard box and fit it with some sort of transparent window so the kids can watch the moths come out of the pupae in a few weeks. Sir Francis Drake probably isn’t ready yet because he’s still small compared to the rest. This is most likely because his front right leg missing so he is unable to grab onto the leaves as well as the others when feeding. Hopefully, it won’t impact him when he turns into a moth and he’ll have all 6 of his legs back.

Tessa brought the worms to school to show her friends this morning. They were all very interested in the worms, and surprisingly they were not afraid of them at all.  It was actually a couple of the teachers that had some apprehension toward the worms. All the children gathered in a circle and Tessa held Madame Madelyn and went around the circle to let each of her classmates pet the worm. Afterwards, some of the children took turns holding the worms. It was wonderful to see that Tessa takes pride in the worms and wanted to show them to her friends.


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