Thank You!

I just want to thank all of you have liked our posts in the past few days. It means a lot to us. You have encouraged us to keep posting and working hard at this blog. I wouldn’t be able to do this without my husband. He is the master mind behind this blog. He dedicates time to edit the pictures and the posts. This blog wouldn’t happen without him.

It was another beautiful day today and it was the perfect day for a field trip. Ilia’s class went to the Richmond Nature Park this morning. The guide we had there was excellent with the kids and totally had them engaged the whole time (Big thanks Shannon! It was both entertaining and insightful). The kids got to see many different plants like Salmon Berry (named because the berries look like clumps of salmon eggs), Salal, Blueberry (which we found out are actually alien to Richmond, even though there are so many blueberry farms all around this area), Cranberry (we got to try some fresh ones and Ilia approves), and Sphagnum Moss which is like nature’s sponge. They also had a look at different animals like hummingbirds and squirrels (did you know the big grey squirrels we always see around are not originally from this region? Squirrels that belong here are small and brown). In addition to this we saw turtles in the pond there. Turtles! you say? Yes, Red-Eared Slider Turtles. I counted at least 6 of them in the pond. A species native to Southern US and Mexico, up here in the pond. This continued on the theme about alien and native species, and led to a talk about not letting pets go into the wild after you’re done with them, and how some of the introduced species have taken over, causing trouble for some of the local wildlife.

Talking about pets, Ilia brought the remaining three Hornworms to school today to show her class. She brought along a pot of soil for Bobby as well as he’s been wandering since early morning. The class was super excited to see these huge blue and green worms. They took turns petting the worms, and watching Bobby walk around while the other two sat and contently ate the pepper leaves while pooping every once and awhile. Finally Ilia poked a little hole into the soil in the pot and placed Bobby on the soil where he immediately dug himself in as the whole class watched in amazement. In a few days, Madame Madelyne and Sir Francis Drake will follow suit as well.


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