So Long Caelasia and Happy Earth Day

So Long Caelasia and Happy Earth Day

Caelasia is gone. Today was the day, and Tessa was sad to see her wormie go, but was a little comforted to know that Caelasia will be back, and if all goes well, will be able to give birth to more wormies.

You see, Caelasia has dug herself a hole in a pot of soil and has started her pupating stage. She was “wandering” this morning and was trying to get out of the container that we kept her in. When a hornworm starts wandering, they are looking around for a place to dig in and pupate. Once we put her on a pot with soil, she immediately started digging furiously into the soil. Within a few minutes, her tail slipped out of sight into the dirt. It was cool to see how she dug herself in. I was a bit sad to see her leave as well, knowing that the “chubby” little one won’t be the same in a few weeks.  Bobby, the other larger Hornworm, will probably follow suit tomorrow.

It’s Earth Day today! To celebrate Earth Day, Starbucks was giving out free brewed coffee or tea to anyone who brought their own mug. I was more than happy to get my free drink after lunch! Did you get one? How did everyone celebrate Earth Day? It’s funny, it wasn’t because of Earth Day that we got the worms and planted the veggies this past weekend, it just happened that we were celebrating Earth Day without even knowing it. I’m glad that we are able to do these activities with the kids. And to top it off, Ilia’s class has been learning about living things and the environment this past week as well, and growing their own plants in the classroom. It’s important for them to learn to respect the environment and not to take advantage of it.

It was such a gorgeous day today. We stopped by the garden store and picked up two tomato plants and a sweet pea.  I was able to get outside with the kids for a bit before dinner time to put them in the ground. Ilia and Tessa love to help, and when they saw me getting the water can, they both wanted to help water. They worked together to water the veggies we planted over the weekend, and they even remembered to water the pear tree.  Tessa made sure that we used every last drop in that watering can.  All for the environment of course.


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