Meet Sir Francis Drake, Madame Madelyn, Bobby and Caelasia

We’ve got new additions to our family! We are delighted to present you Sir Francis Drake (Daddy’s), Madame Madelyn (Mommy’s), Bobby (Ilia’s), and Caelasia (Tessa’s).IMG_0745 copy

If you are following our posts, you probably know that I was looking for silkworms for the kids to learn about a bug’s life cycle. I finally called Mr. Pet today, while they didn’t have any silkworms, they suggested Tobacco Hornworms. According to the person on the phone, he said the worms are easier to take care of and much prettier to look at. He told me they are blue, and I immediately thought of Tessa, as that’s her favorite color. I was sure she’d be very pleased to have a blue worm. Now, I’ve never seen one before, so I didn’t know what to expect. I just wanted a worm that’s smooth to touch and have those suction cup feet! I Googled them and decided that we’d give them a try. I called the local Petsmart and they just got some nice big and “juicy” ones in. When we got to Petsmart, we found them in the Reptile Nutrition section. Hornworms and silkworms are excellent treats for Bearded Dragons and Cameleons. I can’t imagine these beautiful creatures are food for the reptiles. Someone bought 12 of them today to feed their cameleons! How sad!

Today was a very productive day, not only did we get the wormmies, we also got our vegetable saplings and we’ve already planted them this afternoon before the rain came in. Strawberries, Bell Peppers, Cucumbers and guess what, Pink Blueberries! I am sure the blueberries are GM, but it’ll at least be organic right? It’s such a shame that almost everything we eat now it’s GM. I’ve never seen Pink Blueberries in my life, I’m so curious to see what they look like later. Can’t wait!

What did you do today? I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!


11 thoughts on “Meet Sir Francis Drake, Madame Madelyn, Bobby and Caelasia

  1. Better not GM than organic! How sadly true that we are surrounded by fake food! And btw Uncle Martin never touched a worm intendedly. May be I can join you gals when I am back (providing the worms are still around!)

    • Thank you Sarah. Well, I did that for myself too. I get bored easily and it’s interesting to have blue worms as “pet”. You are more than welcome to come by and visit our new family additions. 🙂

  2. So cool! These worms are so cute! Love the colour and the pattern on them! Bobby is a super juicy plump meaty one! Haha… Great job Angel! Surprise that the girls are not scared. How long is their life cycle? What do you feed them with?

    • Hi Eleanor, thanks for stopping by. Aren’t they beautiful? Ilia and Tessa’s worms are probably the biggest they can be. We wanted to get some small ones, so they can see the growth. Their life cycle is fairly short, about 1 month, so Bobby and Caelasia are probably going to pupae soon. They were eating pepper leaves in the pictures. You can also give them tomato leaves and potato leaves. They got so big because these are lab worms, which are fed a commercially prepared chow to plump them up.

  3. This is so cool! Next time I’m at the pet store I’m going to check out the silk worms. I really like how you guys are teaching them to respect nature.

    Also, the girls are able to have more interaction with these worms than a pet fish, hamster, or bunny. My bunny doesn’t like being carried or touched. He just likes to be fed…

    • Hi Randy, thank you for stopping by. Silk worms are harder to take care of, although I think otherwise. There is a pet store in downtown that carries them and I’d probably check it out sometime. If you want, I can pick some up for you.

      I was glad that they actually like the worms, maybe because it’s different from any worms they’ve seen.

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  5. Jeff, worms? Clearly you are crazy! LOL, okay, so I’m not a worm fan, but kids of that age love that stuff! I will give you credits for naming yours after a neat historical character! Well done. Your girls are adorable! Happy spring!

  6. Hey Suzanne, These are no regular worms. They’re huge, and they’re blue! What’s not to love about a blue worm? Sir Francis Drake was inspired from a PS3 game called Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Amazing what you learn from playing video games. 😉 Thanks for stopping by! Get out and enjoy the sun!

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