Did you hear me?

Ilia, did you hear me?

Sometimes, it seems like Ilia has difficulty in hearing what I say. Not sure if she isn’t paying attention or if she really has hearing trouble. A few months ago, Ilia had her hearing tested at school and she needs to go for further testing. But she has to go the family doctor to get her ears checked first before the testing to make sure there is no excessive earwax that could effect the results.

So Ilia went to see the doctor today and the verdict was that she needs to have some oil put in her ears every day to help soften the wax so it will be easier for the wax to come out. She will be going back to the doctor next week for a follow up and for the doctor to clear out all that wax.

Today was a normal wet spring day in Vancouver. Β It just kind of brings you down a bit, but after work I went to Home Sense to meet up with my husband and Tessa and I found garden gloves for little ones! I immediately picked them up as I’ve been looking for a pair for Ilia for quite some time. I’m so glad I finally found them! I’m looking forward to the weekend as I’m planning to finish off preparing our plot of soil and plant the strawberries, kale and cucumber that Ilia wants to plant. Hopefully it’ll be sunny again!


6 thoughts on “Did you hear me?

  1. Yes very nice blog Angel! I hope Ilia’s ears get cleared out soon. Did the dr mention anything a parent should try to do to keep the wax build up at bay?

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