Silkworms and Conked Out

I feel bitter sweet towards Wednesdays and Fridays. You see, I work part-time but 5 days a week, so I do a 4 hour shift on Wednesdays and Fridays. I love the fact that I get to spend the afternoon with the girls, but I really don’t like the hectic mornings and having to rush back from work to pick the girls up from school.

Bombyx mori

Bombyx mori (Photo credit: JoseDelgar)

We went to the park for a while after school and then went to 3 different pet stores to look for Silkworms! Why silkworms you might ask. Well, I had them while I was little and I would like the girls to learn about the life cycle of a bug. Nothing is better than silkworms! They are smooth to touch, just like silk and they are greyish white.  Unfortunately all 3 stores don’t carry them. I will give Mr. Pet a call tomorrow to see if they have any. Do you know any local pet shops that sell silkworms?

Here’s a video I found that quickly runs through the life cycle of a silkworm:

Pretty cool huh?  And one that looks  closer at the anatomy of the silk worm:

Gujo also has day by day videos of the life of a silkworm as well.  I’ve linked to them if you’re interested.

Tessa must have been really tired after running around at the park and visiting 3 different pet stores. She conked out on her chair while watching Fresh Beat Band. She’s never done that before.  Tell us about a time your kids were just spent after a day out. Did they end up napping like Tessa, or did you keep them awake and just put them to bed early?  If they napped were you still able to put them to bed at their regular time?


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