Budding Artists

Ilia and Tessa went for their make-up art class at 4Cats Studio today because they missed it yesterday due to their dental visit. I can’t praise 4Cats enough! The curators (that’s what they call the teachers there) are really energetic and very friendly. The kids love them.

Today, they continued to work on their underwater scene picture at the beginning of the class, painting the bottom of it brown to start off the sea floor.  After cleaning up their paint, they then made a starfish out of sculpy which they will pick up next week after 4Cats has baked them hard. Finally, they finished off the class with their stretches.  I love that they were so focused on the projects. Sometimes I find it hard to get the kids engaged in an activity for a while, but when it comes to art, they get really focused.

What indoor activities do your kids love to do? Please share in the comments below. I would love to hear your brilliant ideas!


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