Dreaded News and Almost Ready

Today, the girls went in for their semi-annual dental cleaning and check up. They love going to the dentist because they get to pick a toy from a treasure chest after the cleaning, not to mention all the friendly staff. Both of them had X-rays done; while everything was squeaky clean for Ilia, they couldn’t say the same for Tessa. She has cavities! They’re very mild, but still… It’s not Tessa’s fault though. I should’t have allowed her a daily sweet. No more sweets for her, that includes any dried fruits, juice, candies and cookies.

That aside, today was otherwise a beautiful day! The sun was still hanging around till 7pm and I had the little patch of soil for our vegetable garden almost ready to go! Ilia wants to plant strawberries, cucumber and Kale. We’ll see how it goes this year. Any tips on how to get the fruits and veggies big and juicy the organic way?


2 thoughts on “Dreaded News and Almost Ready

  1. Try coffee ground, egg shell ground and banana peel that Uncle Martin is using now! Love your entries Angel! Keep it up and let me know if you have any produce, I would like to try when I am back!

    • Thanks for the tips Martin! I tried egg shell last year when we were growing the tomatoes except that I didn’t grind them. Jeff and I are thinking to set up a worm compost. We shall see.

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