Hello Sun!

The sun finally came out! Friday’s forecast for today was rain, but I was so thankful that the forecast was wrong. I was probably over-excited to see the sun shining today, but as most Vancouverites know, it is rare for it to be this sunny and warm before July. So what’s the best thing to do when you have 2 active little ones on a sunny day? Jump on the trampoline and have some water fun! I am thankful that we are fortunate enough to have a big back yard for the girls to do that.

During Tessa’s nap, Ilia and I took turns chasing each other around the yard with a water gun shaped like a fire extinguisher. I was trying to multitask; taking pictures of the happy girl while trying to run away from her.  After her nap, Tessa came to join us to roll around on the trampoline for some crazy hair and to catch the remaining rays of sun on this sunny April afternoon.

I would love to hear stories of how you and your kids take advantage of sunny days like these! Please share in comments below.


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